Valery Kruchkovski:

bending reality with watercolour.

Vernissage: 04/09/2020, 19:00

Exhibition: 05-29/09/2020

Meet Mr. Valery Kruchkovski: artist, storyteller.

Valery specializes in watercolour painting of the cities, the authenticity of impressions, yet he never copies the reality.

This seemingly inconspicuous man has a lot to reveal. Not only the paintings - his very existence is calmly outstanding. Do you know the kind of people with well-balanced mind, whose words come out so naturally, whose personality emanates hidden stories, whose presence creates almost touchable atmosphere? Those things you somehow perceive but cannot really describe.

On Friday, 4th of September, Valery will present paintings of Bruges, Prague, France, and Italy. Hereby we invite you for a pleasant evening with a little bit of talking, a little bit of feeding your perception.

Introductory speech will be done by Mr. Fernand Thienpondt - the Leader of the IWS Belgium (International Watercolor Association).