Dušan Swalens & Kateřina Hejdová 

Vernissage 02/08/2020

Exhibition 03-28/08/2020

Cofounders of Gallery 26, Dušan Swalens and Kateřina Hejdová, present their surreal perception of the world.

Dušan is a freelance macro photographer. Exhibition in Agora Gallery in Chelsea, New York city in 2013, is considered his greatest achievement so far. In Gallery 26 he presents his magical collections BIO and Elements: secrets of fruitful lives of plants, and the might of elemental momentum captured into pictures.

Kateřina is an artist and designer with unusually wide scale of artistries. She introduces the beauty of feminine principle in paintings and hand painted clothes. On Sunday, August 2nd, Katka´s new fashion collection Re-born in Bruges was launched onto the market.